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Static Google Map WinForm Control

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Developer Guide

How Google Geo Kit works

  1. send out http request to the Google Geocoding API
  2. get the response from Google Geocoding API in JSON or XML format
  3. parse the response text into C# object GeoResult

How to start

  • Use SVN to checkout the source code or download it from codeplex
  • copy source code into the /APP_CODE or folder of your project
  • copy the dependency Json.NET 3.5 dll into /bin folder
  • start coding!!

My Development Environment

  • OS
    • Windows 7 professional
    • OSX Snow leopard
  • ASP .NET
    • Visual Studio 2010
    • .NET framework 3.5 sp1
  • Mono
    • Monodevelop on mac
  • Java
    • Eclipse Helios
    • JRE 6

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